for Industry 4.0

Technology is not enough to transform your Enterprise into Enterprise 4.0: it is necessary to review the Business Model of the Company, analyze and direct the Business Processes to become effective in the new ways of working, modify the Communication Processes to increase effectiveness, attention, loyalty, trust and confidence of Customers, implement orientation and training plans for Personnel. These are the real key factors for the success of innovation.

We analyze together with you how to make the transition to Enterprise 4.0 with sustainable costs, safeguarding previous investments, returning new investments, increasing revenues in the shortest possible time, providing the most suitable technological solutions to achieve these objectives together with the strategic ones. operational to harmonize your business model, organization and processes with the changes taking place.

Our Solutions to transform your enterprise into Enterprise 4.0 are not limited to the adoption of advanced technology but involve all the aspects necessary for the company to create, acquire and provide value.

Augmented Communication as an integrated solution for Industry 4.0 based on 3 key points.

Augmented Communication as integrated solution for Industry 4.0

Based on 3 key points: Business Model & Process, Communication, Learning

Business Model & Process

Digital innovation generates opportunities and competitive advantages to be seized with appropriate changes to the organization, strategies and business processes; it is therefore a Project that involves the way in which the Company creates, provides and acquires value. Augmented Communication and interaction with other advanced digital tools (eg machine learning, – Big Data – Robotics -IoT) will make you protagonists of “Business Transformation 4.0” and “Enterprise 4.0”.


Innovative digital technologies, such as Augmented Reality, make the communication process across the entire organization. Augmented Reality until recently was adopted for marketing and advertising; as of today it is the essential communication component of each corporate event and / or process that contributes to the formation and growth of the Company’s Value.




Training for businesses and young people to disseminate digital knowledge and skills.

We design and implement on-line training courses, e-learning platforms, using User Experience Design methods. We also provide training courses in the classroom and training courses for visual communication.