To meet the needs of your company we can operate:

  • Integrated Solutions for the Industry 4.0,  aimed at complete strategic, organizational, operational and automation review of the various processes and business areas
  • Projects for the automation of specific production and / or communication processes
  • Specific Products di Augmented Communication to be introduced ex novo and / or to interface with other technological and IT components
  • Consulting Services Maintenance, Technical Assistance, Training or aimed at the study of innovative solutions and the realization of demonstration prototypes and useful for preliminary assessment.

Main Areas of work


Supporting the manufacturing process with elements of augmented reality presents special kind of software solution and provides powerful hardware equipment for realization of products with large number of parts. Final product assembly includes all parts in right locations and with perfect functional characteristics while preventing it from assembly mistakes.

Main Areas of work


AR markers printed on product packaging and associated with appropriate APPs provide detailed information on the product, its composition, the origin of the components, the manufacturer and other useful information. Business cards as well as brochures and other promotional materials can use the AR.

Main Areas of work


Educational projects for the School, are designed and implemented with the AR and advanced digital technologies, allowing a more complete learning and an interactive and mobile consultation. These tools also have the advantage of being able to detect user feedback in real time and can stimulate and make learning easier and simpler through gamification techniques.

Main Areas of work


Technical Instruction Manuals for technicians as well as Instruction Manuals for the use of products or services intended for end users, realized in AR and with the use of advanced digital technologies, increase the level of knowledge, improve learning, they make it simpler and more immediate and encourage immediate interaction between users and support centers. The training times of new staff are reduced, as well as the accuracy is increased, reducing the possibility of error. Thanks to wearable devices (eg smart glass) and to the sensors they are equipped with, these applications are particularly indicated in learning and training contexts where the operators who work need to have their hands free and to be able to interact with the operative activity.

Main Areas of work

RETAIL – Commerce

Countless applications are possible also in this context, which can be used at points of sale or department stores or other commercial realities. From different ways of conceiving and displaying product catalogs, to product AR settings, to simulated product customization based on customer choices.

Main Areas of work


The gaming industry was one of the first to use AR and digital technologies. The diffusion of these tools widens the range and the field of application in this sector, transporting the methodologies, albeit with modifications, in the Industry of Entertainment and Culture.


Augmented Reality


Smart Glass

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Voice recognition

Leap motion