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For years, The Round has been working with INTECH MICROWAVE to create communication and marketing products and services using Augmented Reality. In 2017, The Round took over Intech Microwave’s “Augmented Communication” division to create solutions, projects and services for both Intech-mw core business processes and Intech-mw customers’ industrial projects. This division also deals with projects in alternating school work aimed at schools.

SEETI Srl   

THE ROUND is one of the founding partners of SEETI that has as its object the realization of software for augmented reality or for the enrichment of human sensory perception through information, generally manipulated and conveyed electronically, which would not be perceptible with the five senses for the application in fields of operation from telemedicine to technical maintenance of plants including training and dissemination from the point of view of the national economic development plan 4.0.

TECHNOSCIENCE San Raffaele – Roma

The TECHNOSCIENCE Technological Science Park San Raffaele – Rome is an aggregator of innovative companies that aim to develop the economic growth of the territory by encouraging dialogue between companies, universities and research centers. It is a system of small hi-tech companies and laboratories guided by market logic that is characterized by a physical connotation in the Italian territory and for a dimension of international service (international HUB), with continuous capacity to feed and extend its network.


As the “Augmented Communication” division of IMW, we collaborate with the Tiburtino Technology Hub to spread the culture of advanced technologies and to participate in projects

In Tecnopolo Tiburtino there are more than 100 companies, mainly operating in the ICT, Electronics, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Green Economy, Research and Technology Transfer sectors, which have chosen to establish themselves and operate in a recognized technological space at local, national and international level.


Collaboration with SGI is underway

The States General of Innovation were born on the initiative of some associations, movements, companies and citizens convinced that the best growth opportunities for our country are offered by: creativity of young people, recognition of merit, reduction of digital divide, renewal of the State through the Open Government.