The Round, a brand founded by Mirko Compagno, is formed by a group of researchers who are experts in information technology and digital technologies. Thanks to its founder The Round has, among the first in Italy, started to produce products and then services in Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality since 2009, following the continuous evolution of techniques, methodologies and tools.

Progressively the conformation of the The Round team has expanded including computer experts in different areas: Web Develop, Augmented Communication, Project Management, Data Analysis and Data Management, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Training.

The Round has been collaborating for years with important companies engaged in Advanced Research and in the Development of Engineering and Computer Products and Services for the various business areas: Cultural Heritage, Health, Transportation, Industry, Defense, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Education, Agriculture.

From 2017 The Round collaborates with Intech-Microwave as the “Augmented Communication” division. Our team has reached extensive expertise in developing integrated online and offline communication strategies, planning and creating events, planning and creating training courses for institutions, firms, and professionals. The projects are developed with the specific objective of ensuring companies a significant return on investments and a real enhancement of their image, while also strengthening their activities through advanced communication and technological solutions.